March 30, 2018

Review: JSAnywhere


  • "Minimal for life"
  • HTML, JS, CSS editors
  • Image, css, js assets can be imported and downloaded
  • Multiple projects; built in templates
    • eg. React, Processing
  • Preview with console, reload
  • Serve project to wifi


Simple and author intends it to be so. Was impressed by React being included. No syntax highlight, but font is monospace so it’s acceptable. Serving and exports will make for interesting jam sessions.

Uncovered ability to download images in the gallery or replace contents in the editor. Downloaded JS or CSS assets can be attached to the DOM via Javascript or HTML references. From the same author, seemingly the foundational code base, is an open source editor called Editha which includes Markdown support and browser preview... while JSAnywhere itself is not open source, one could imagine a short path to a nice editor derived from that code base.


Editor Preview

Tags: review