January 31, 2019

Job Specs

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Job: Write Vlog / Blog Article / Podcast

These can be partial and merged with others iteratively.

Some types of writing works better for certain types of devices

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Tablet

  • “Content”
  • “Content Creator”
  • I don’t like these.

Have folders for different types of writing

Create new note

Write the first things that come to mind

Start formatting it into top level things with sub-lists

Check for existing articles with search that can be pulled from or merged

  • Doing this first can cause total loss of context as processing others
    • Like multi-tasking?

Iterate to the desired level of detail

  • Title / subject only
  • A few items (cross-product)
    • Chronological / Step
    • Aspects per …

Ensure that note is sync’d

Move to publishing pipeline

Tags: podcast