April 16, 2019

Update - 2019-04-16

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Being homeless sucks. Everything needs to be done in public and requires care, meanwhile energy levels are less than average.

Awkward eye contact. Awkward questions when physical needs are unmet. Awareness stirs in all around. Few are comfortable.

I can’t really talk about anything personal. It makes people feel bad. Less contact with people is better.

Contrary to the personality assessment that companies do when they hire you. I can pass a simple questionairre.

I made this graphic of income and runway vs. ability to act, and some social context words.

Below $1,500/mo of income it’s impossible to save or get ahead. That’s about federal poverty.

Above that, it becomes possible to save or invest toward getting professional employment.

Once a person has about a year of savings, they can feel confident and free to move toward long term goals.

I’ve been working on a “social demo” repository, that lets me explore current and marketable technology and present it as working proof that I have skills required to perform a job.

It started with Social Demo HTML and then expanded to the Social Model App and Muh Timeline.

  • Social Demo** HTML file using Bootstrap 4.3 with common elements*** Nav, Modal, Card, Carousel, Forms, Responsive.
  • Social Model App** DataScript schema, queries
  • Muh Timeline** Core ** Social Demo 1*** HTML translated to Hiccup using hiccup-bridge** Social Demo 2*** Translated to somewhat practical Clojure via extracting functions for logical blocks** Social Demo 3*** Imported into Reagent in singleton template, only slight variations from #2

Why do this work without pay or a clear design?

For a landscaping entrepreneur, this may be experimenting on their own property

To refine methods that are risky… research and development, in some form.

and taking photos to present to potential customers.

Just because it was done for the person theirselves,

doesn’t make it invalid as a showcase.

Although it does remove the component of “social proof.”

Ability to create a timeline and deliver on it should be demonstrated in another way.

I’ve been working on meet up topics and format for SF Clojure.

I put in a request for those days off each month with my main source of income, we’ll see if I get them.

I’ve been studying Datomic and DataScript storage, and thinking about the nature of transactions and how to define them in a modern app development context.

The paper office analogy model.

Also expressiveness of the query languages. SQL is relational algebra based, while Datomic is more like a 5-tuple relational calculus (entity, attribute, value, transaction id, flag). They are about equally expressive.

I have ideas about durability and availability.

Motivating news


Dorsey wants to “rethinking how Twitter incentivizes user behavior. “

He suggested that the service works best as an “interest-based network,” where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it — rather than a network where everyone feels like they need to follow a bunch of other accounts, and then grow their follower numbers in turn.

More specifically, Rodgers asked about the frequent criticism that Twitter hasn’t found a way to consistently ban Nazis from the service.

“We have a situation right now where that term is used fairly loosely,” Dorsey said. “We just cannot take any one mention of that word accusing someone else as a factual indication of whether someone can be removed from the platform.”

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