I've given my life to make great software out in the open with no regard for financies. Working as a programmer I was earning more than enough money to play; that's changed. In recent years I have reached a point of unsustainability and could use funding to keep going. I'm currently working "odd jobs" and have spent some time working in food service. Every job has been meaningful and provided growth. Why not work in software? I've constructively dismissed myself or been frivously fired from my past five software engineering jobs, after a steady career spanning back to 2002. I'd do it, but in addition to weariness companies seem to be tightening the belt on their employees across the board and the intellectual property I'm creating is valuable enough to draw attention; my work for a former employer is patent pending. I'm interested in bootstrapping growth into a B Corporation with benefits for sponsors (currently there are none... have an idea? let me know).

Indeed, we're in the era of crowd funding now. Why can't it work like public radio? YouTube creators can make a living by producing videos and selling merchandise... is software any less valuable? I'm building the best of the best. I've trained hard and seen battle. Let's build a software militia. I can file patents if we get enough support.

I'll use your hard earned money well. If you've already given, thank you.

Ways to Give

I prefer Patreon because it helps build momentum; currently I'm not offering any gifts but have some goals outlined. Venmo transfers are marked as private. I realize that supporting me publicly can be sensitive.

Let me know if you'd like me to spin up the direct merchant donation service (next heading, deplatforming), it may have to wait but if you give a gift of $25 x 12/mo = $300 or more then I'm happy to switch it on.

In case of deplatforming / "cancellation"

I've developed a strategy and the code to integrate directly with a merchant account for both one-time and recurring gifts–at a cost of $25/mo + 10c and 3% per transaction. In the mean time, it is wise to use the major platforms. I was slow to promote use of the platforms until my backup strategy was developed. Now we can switch over rapidly, should the need arise.


A number of people have given support since launching the project, thanks.

By default I'll keep your name private because I'm purposely controversial via comedy, but please let me know a name or alias and URL if you'd like credit.