Health is something that happens on its own, if your habits are right.

I'm not an advocate of any particular diet or workout approach.

I first got healthy around 2013. Check out my podcast episode for a full history.

To get healthy I advise, in a non-professional capacity:

I think about food and activity as energy in/energy out within different frequency bands, following composite system rules of physics.

A body is made of organs, an organ is made of cells, a cell is made of compounds, compounds are made of atoms, atoms are made of ..., ... are "made of" EM waves. Waves go to infinity, with amplitude as a cubic function.

When we put things into our body, or put our body near other things, the EM waves are by definition affected by their newly proximate composite neighbords.

From this intuition, most everything can be gleaned. Innerstanding this wisdom is an accomplishment on its own, but far easier than memorizing all the crap about health that experts would have us memorize.

In 2012 I was about 40lbs overweight, maybe 50. By 2013 I was back down at my weight from high school.

In 2015 I started lifting, and by 2016 I was 160lbs and very lean.

In 2017 I told my personal trainer that I wanted to do the program at my gym to become a trainer. That got paused.

In 2017 I learned how to cook and became vegetarian and fruitarian for a period.

In 2018 I became homeless and was back down to my lighest weight since high school, 110lbs.

In 2019 I am back up to 138lbs and working out and eating well, as much as I can afford.

I have a menu developed for a popup restaurant called the "Po' Boy Popup" and am in search of a venu.

I have low quality video and audio recordings and photos of myself learning to cook with Blue Apron and Plated, of about 25 recipes.

My preferred sport is Olympic Lifting. The form aspect is a good check on reality.