Resume revision

March 6, 2019

Here we go with another revision to the resume.


Most feedback was to take the Day Labor job off, even though it's current. I've noticed patterns in feedback and may bring it back from time to time, but overall I think I'll leave it off. I can refer to what I am presently doing verbally, and the consensus is that software engineers don't need to explain gaps in their employment. Plus I have a long and diverse history. But the argument I like for keeping it on, is that it shows I am actively doing something for work, and in a sense it's not glamorous and can explain non-verbals to recruiters, such as being dressed shabby or talking like an uneducated person.

The latter point and this whole process has made me aware that I need to interact with educated people more. I've been put into isolation in a sense for making people too uncomfortable with my Honey Boo Boo conservative values, but the more a person is isolated the worse they become... I digress for now.

I've also been working on my website / portfolio more, and shortened the link so it'd fit directly in the resume header. I removed the title of "Software Engineering Professional" to make some space, but I kinda like it. In a sense most people who get the resume should know what I do, but not everyone may. The uniform titles kinda give it away.

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New SF Clojure Group

February 20, 2019

I’ve created a new Clojure group in San Francisco: SF Clojure.

I love Clojure and feel up the the challenge of organizing a community around the ecosystem. The astute reader may be aware that there is an existing Bay Area Clojure (BAC) group and ask why I don’t simply join that group, or perhaps you’ve interacted with me at that group and enjoyed my frequent small contributions. I was indeed an active member and always had engaging and thought provoking conversations with the members, dating back at least a couple of years.

Why would I create a second group?

The creation was, unfortunately, in response to being frivolously barred from participation in the existing BAC group during the last meeting, due to an online mob incited by a present member and presumably absent organizer. I’d been a part of it for at least a year or two and had made a number of contacts there, and always got along well with everyone and have nothing ill to say about it.

Why was I removed from the first group?

I was removed for unrelated Tweets and it was a two step process. First, a new organizer (“Katie” IIRC, with green hair) confronted me in person at the meeting and asked that I re-write my name tag to not include my @harlanji handle on it, because somebody went to my Twitter timeline and was uncomfortable with the content there. No comment about Instagram or Hacker News or GitHub or etc, which use the same handle. I thanked her for letting me stay (given my history of similar frivolous complaints in SF history; go Cal!!!), and continued the evening right through having a pleasant conversation with her about Kafka and the water cycle and then walking to the Muni station with 2 other participants. After I’d returned home and got on Twitter and into my email, I found that while the meet up was still in progress there’d been a Twitter mob and another organizer (Zach Tellman) had removed me from the group. After a couple of day cool down period, I attempted to convince him that his move was unreasonable but he reiterated that Tweets containing “hate speech” and “veiled threats of violence” are not acceptable—regardless of whether any of it happened or was related to the group or meeting itself. This means that a Felon or anyone with past publicity that makes a member uncomfortable is susceptible to being kicked out of the group (criminal records are public). The decision to kick me out of the group seemed unilateral, so I asked that the latter organizer share my conversation thread with the former and bid him farewell—please, put in a word of support for me if you disagree with the decision.

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Resume revision

February 12, 2019

Here's a revised version of my resume. I got feedback from a job-readiness program and a guest software engineer. Frequent feedback is that I should have more metrics;
I seem to focus on the qualatative aspects of what I do in written form, and never have trouble quantifying what I have written. Upon first review, I may not be able to quantify everything but once finalized I can go back to note important quantities for vocal delivery. Confidentiality also protects many concrete metrics, unfortunately.

I continue to list the Day Laborer position because it shows that I am actively doing something for money. I added the iSpooge Daily work despite it being self-directed, because I developed important work during that time. I have been apprehensive to list it due to experience with dishonest companies.


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Job Specs

January 31, 2019

Job: Write Vlog / Blog Article / Podcast

These can be partial and merged with others iteratively.

Some types of writing works better for certain types of devices

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Tablet

  • “Content”
  • “Content Creator”
  • I don’t like these.

Download MP3

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Nutrition thru My Life

January 29, 2019

Here's a quick outline that I used to read and think into the prodcast from.

Can provide a written explanation if desired.


  • Few baked recipes
  • Canned veggies
  • Fast food
  • TV dinners

2004 Deli

2006 Frozen / pub

Download MP3

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CityApper Mockup

January 15, 2019

In our last installment of CityApper we were sketching a logo. In this round, we use the same tool, InkScape, to sketch a layout. It was recursive starting with the box on the Services page and menu bar. Then thinking through the services that I could offer. Then when the mockup was done, I copied it whole-sale to the Labs page. I toggle the bold to indicate a selection, and made the document have 2x the width. I then built the Labs page. Same process for additional pages. None of this was screencasted.

I did a screencast that took about 2 hours to convert the wire frame to HTML using our blog engine of choice Cryogen.

Here are the screens:

Services page mockup Labs page mockup School page mockup

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Energetic Universe drawing

January 14, 2019

This is a doodle that captures an important idea. I don't have much bandwidth to do this type of work so it has to be very splash and go without much fine attention to detail. The idea is that as I complete dozens of doodles without much regard for "editing" I will naturally make better drawings by instinct alone. I can study each drawing and visualize the improvements without actually making them.

Energetic universe drawing

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Compounding Deficiencies

January 14, 2019

When a lower order need is not met then it is non-sensical to prove into needs that are at a higher level, such as during a job interview. It is a useful tool because when in a lower state it becomes increasingly difficult for self assessment. Learn this while in the self-actualization stage, and observe your energy levels when you are deficient of lower order needs, and notice and how much harder it becomes to do higher order functions.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Compounding Deficiencies

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Résumé - Software Engineer

December 27, 2018

I finally got to building a new resume. I've stripped off my recent programming experience and instead added my current job at the Day Worker Center, digging trenches. It leaves a considerable gap, and my career is full of considerable gaps. I've been trying to make visual representations of my career for a good number of years now and not gotten much/any feedback from my network on the matter. My vision seems oriented toward populating a timeline with interrelated events and accomplishments. I think about my path as a series of small careers. I've always left an employer with enough notice, except when I leave due to hostility or dishonesty from my direct supervisor... those conditions are inhumane and require no professional courtesy. And thus, I've left my resume with employers who will speak neutrally or highly of me.

It's hard to know who still has a positive impression; the magic question of reference checks is "would you hire Harlan again?" to which they should give an enthusiastic "Yes!"... but with social media and my own inqueries via email and illegal contacts from angry subsequent employers to poison the well, one can never be sure. I mentioned recently that there should be a legal FOIA (freedom of information) request process for former employers. It's very dehumanizing to have critical details of a story missing.

I can be sure that I'm the black sheep of what's left of my professional network. If one goes back through my long term history, like back to 1999, they will discover a professional, patient, assertive, forward thinking worker. If one goes by what my San Franciscan managers have to say, well, they'd have to tell me what they say because the theme has been a total lack of feedback and reciprocation from them. It's totally unprofessional to disparage former jobs... it's also 2018 and jobs worth disparaging are on the rise and everyone is all the more miserable for it. What's the definition of insanity again? Repeating history and expecting a different result.

So here I am, positing a resume that includes manual labor at the end of a 15+ year professional career. I'm homeless, and so I can't do the interview process properly. It's also taboo to admit to being homeless, and I went a few months of concealing and only being judged for being dirty/unresponsive. I am clean and responsive, when all of my needs are met. I was recently gifted membership to a gym that conveniently lets me take showers at any time of day, which is a first since becoming homeless six months ago. Between that and getting help from old old friends, I might be able to pass a round of interviews.


Now, is that what I really want to be doing?

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