HarlanJI.com Premium brings one:

Premium grants first access to HarlanJI's software with full modification and distrubution privileges. Works can be freely used and distrubuted as though they came from a public platform like GitHub--fork, or whatever one likes.

HarlanJI has been an amateur writer and speaker for as long as he's been a software developer and engineer. He's run blogs, vlogs, and dozens of open souce/libre code projects. Offering gated early access to supporters has been difficult to reconcile fairly given the open source nature of the work and motivation for making it so. The tradeoff is to develop on live streams or videos that are available right away, and offer end results with a lead time; this way the knowledge is available to those with time and supporters get unique value for their contribution.

The suggested contribution amount is $9/mo, which translates to $1,500/mo of income with 175 supporters--the remaining $72 goes to Patreon for their service. Any level of contribution is accepted, and that is a fully sustainable amount of income based on 2 years of data.

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