I need a team to maintain my web site. It's built using the technologies below, and runs on both Raspberry Pi 3 and AWS t2.micro+. Everything needed can be learned from a series of YouTube videos where I screen casted myself building the website. Documentation is present to some degree but weak. Virtually no custom code exists, it's all glue code.

To get started tell me about what you'd like to focus on in a Clojure project, and I'll assign you a project or task that I want done that's aligned.

The pay is minimum wage and there are no questions asked, like in the food service industry.

You don't have to give 2 week notice to quit, and work will be occasional.

Core Technologies

There is less than a week of learning required if you follow the YouTube videos that I recorded–I will build a playlist.

Optional Technologies

Desirable adjacent skills


I'll get back to you within 3 days, approve or not. You should be ready to start within 5 days or feel free to contact me again in 6 months.


If it will take more than 6 hours to complete the given task,

Then I'll pay you to spend 1 hour making a plan for 6 hour iterations.

If the plan is good then I'll hire you to build it.

If an iteration takes the full 6 hours and doesn't work, that's fine;

You'll give me what you've done and I'll still pay.

Iterations may not go over 6 hours, to stick with labor code.

You'll get a 10 minute paid break.


Getting Started

Send me a cover letter. I'll assign you the project, scheduled as above.

Email: [email protected] with subject "Re: Web Developer Needed"